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Citrix Delivery Center, composed of XenDesktop, XenApp, XenServer and NetScaler, virtualizes servers, desktops and applications, centralizes them in the datacenter and delivers them as an on-demand service.XenDesktop is a lightweight universal virtual desktop client thatenables any PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or thin client to access corporate applications and desktops remotely.

Citrix XenApp is an on-demand application delivery solution that enables any Windows® application to be virtualized, centralized, and managed in the datacenter and instantly delivered as a service to users anywhere on any device.XenServer is a virtual-machine monitor for x86, x86-64, Itanium and
PowerPC 970 architectures. It allows several guest operating systems to execute on the same computer hardware at once, meaning a single computer can run several virtual desktops concurrently.


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